I have long wanted to create my own react library to contribute to the open source community, but I always hesitated and feared that it is something that only very professional developers can do. However, for this challenge I did the research on how to make it and challenged myself in learning and teaching other developers around me how to do it.

What it does

This library is a simple table with sort and filter functionalities.

How I built it

I took an online course on typescript to refresh my skills, I have analyzed the current table libraries available to come up with the proper and easy to use library of my own. To create the library I have used create-react-library package, which automatically does up all the setups required for publishing on npm and deploying to github.

Challenges I ran into

sort and filter functions were an additional feature of the library and they required some testing, writing and rewriting, some debugging and some googling.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My very own library published on npm. Now I feel myself as a part of open source developers community and more confident in my coding skills.

What I learned

Never underestimate yourself. Given enough motivation and will, almost any coding challenge can be solved and any skill ca be learned.

What's next for Creating your own react library

  • Adding more features
  • Debugging existing features
  • Adding proper error handling
  • Improving coding standards
  • Adding more flexibility to the table, so that there more options developers can tackle
  • Making a youtube video of step by step tutorial
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