A lot of developers or tech communities have started writing and expressing themselves through tech blogs with the help of publishing sites (such as or medium) or static site generators (such as gatsby, nuxtjs or jekyll). Some even started their own online classes and create different learning modules using Wordpress, Google Docs, Teachable and other platforms out there. These are our inspirations why we decided to write this walkthrough.

What it does

We create a walkthrough that simplifies the process of deploying and customizing your Docusaurus site with the help of Vercel, Github,, Sourcetree and more. Making it possible for newbies to programming or beginners to Docusaurus to create their own tech blog in less than 10 mins.

How we built it

Give the multiple tools online, we decided to create a simpler version of customizing and deploying their Docusaurus site so everyone can start setting up their own if they want to.

Challenges we ran into

Sometimes Vercel is not deploying. If you are updating all the time, it has a queue based system that you have to wait in order to deploy. So to speed things up, we just generated new projects with the same repo.

Also, writing a long article using Readme files doesn't look good. That's why with the help of Docusaurus doc section, we were able to break down our articles in smaller chunks to make it more readable.

Readme version

Docusaurus version

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are just proud of our article. We think we can help more people with it and we hope this can also help teachers who are doing online classes organized their materials instead of sharing their lectures using doc files.

What we learned

Docusaurus 2 is awesome. Vercel is awesome! StackEdit is awesome! All the tools that we have used is awesome and can't wait for people to try it.

What's next

People can file issues via github so we can improve the article and help more people in the process. We would also like create a showcase board once people started creating their own docusaurus site using our article as a guide. They can create issues to submit their work. Also excited to see teachers use this for their courses and communities create their community guide books using Docusaurus too.

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