Year ago I started to develop using Spark AR. The hardest part was that there were very few tutorials for Advanced users, and there were literally no good tutorials on scripting. Almost every scripting tutorial was using bad practices and full misunderstanding of reactive programming. Recently I've read a book on copywriting and thought that I could use my one-year development experience and knowledge from this book to write an amazing tutorial for Spark AR.

What it does

This tutorial teaches how to detect figures intersection, or collision. We will use AABB collision check basics, Separating axis theorem, and some good practices on Reactive Programming in Spark AR.

How I built it

I've made the whole tutorial using Spark AR Studio v99 and github markdown text editor.

Challenges I ran into

It was quite hard to make tutorial easy for everyone. When you're experienced in something, you can start to describe it with words that not everyone can understand. I had had to rewrite some parts of tutorial before I was sure they were understandable for everyone.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This tutorial has a good quality. It's fully illustrated with pictures and gifs. I've made some illustrations and wrote mathematical formulas to describe AABB intersection check.

What I learned

I've refreshed my knowledge of math formulas that are used to calculate figures intersection.

What's next for Creating colliders with Scripting - Spark AR

I want to receive feedback and improve this tutorial based on it. Also I would like to continue creating detailed tutorials for Spark AR.

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