I was watching my favorite twitch streamer order assets from an online art marketplace. They had purchased a $5000 model and waited +10months for delivery from a "trustworthy" company only to get delivered a poorly rigged and dysfunctional model with no refund. This inspired me to work on a solution to this problem.

What it does

I wanted this contract to be sponsored by a Fundraiser DAO and a stand-alone contract that the user interacts with to contract artists. What it does currently? Absolutely nothing.

How we built it

I tried my best with what little knowledge I have. It does not work at all. I am happy to have tried and to submit what I did :)

Challenges we ran into

Everything was a challenge. Having very little knowledge of coding/blockchain did not help. Lots of ideas, no technical skill yet. I look forward to what I will make next hackathon!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of everything I did! It was a blast and I learned a ton!

What we learned

Like last hackathon, an absolute insane amount. I can now work with github, wrote my first smart contract, wrote my first test contract, obtained a really cool idea, taught myself foundry so I do not have to learn javascript yet, learned more about the openzeppelin and chainlink libraries, learned more about coding solidity, and deployed my first self-developed contract.

What's next for Creating Assets

Redesign the entire contract structure. All my failure has taught me an insane amount. I know exactly how I want to redesign this going forward. I wish I had time b4 the event was ending.

FYI: I have never made a video. I might make one for the next hackathon. I am very not interested in making a video atm.

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