Our inspiration was many social media platforms, such as youtube and Instagram in which creators make content, what we thought was to make a tool that helps the content creators to make something creative to boost their productivity too.

What it does 💫💫

It allows the content creators to optimize or generate their scripts using AI 🤖 also helps the content creators to collaborate, get points, bring up their reputation, and manage their teams productively 🔥

How we built it 🏗️

We built the website using html, css , js and for a quick start, we used a template also hosted it on link using GoDaddy, to make the application, we used flutter/dart, firebase, and Twilio.

Challenges we ran into🥊

There were many challenges that we ran into, We've never tried figma but We also learned how to use this tool, by learning figma,canva we learned a lot about design and I am hoping, I would learn more and more in my next hackathons and we had a team this time, We also had some problems communicating with other folks, but this time due to this hackathon, we learned better team management and communication skills(no, writing 3.1k lines of code wasn't a big challenge 😅😅).

Accomplishments that we're proud of🏆

We are really very proud that we created something useful with our knowledge and learned a lot more about firebase, canvas, Figma, html, css, js, GoDaddy, Twilio, and flutter/dart, also learned more about time management which is very essential in life ( like chess too ) [bullet 1+0].

What we learned📕📖

We learned a lot about Canva, Figma, Firebase, GoDaddy, Porkbun, Html, CSS, Twilio, chatgpt3, Js, Flutter/Dart, and android development, We hope in the next hackathons too, we will be able to learn something amazing and again be a team!

What's next for Creatify 📈

There are many things that can be improved in this application, we plan to integrate a lot of things such as:- 1.)Badges integration. 2.)Leaderboard integration. 3.)Realtime changes. 4.)404 page ;) 5.)Better UI/UX with animations. 6.)Chess integration. 7.)There is no 7th, but a lot more to add :)


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