Creaticat can be used both for fun or as a server engagement tool, to keep or revive quiet servers.


Everyone loves cats, so we wanted to create something related to cats. After brainstorming and coming up with a weather-poem bot, trivia bot, and a League of Legends-related bot, we settled on a pet cat! Unlike normal pet Discord bots where each user has their own individual pet, CreatiCat is a community pet- ahem, I mean, god! As a devoted believer of your new god, you can pet, pray, and pay tribute to it. Everyone on the server is responsible for taking care of it. Friendship and happiness levels are raised collectively as a server. In the current times, staying connected is more important than ever, so we created this bot to help keep your less active servers alive!


.setPrefix <prefix> - Change the prefix for using the bot
.setName <name> - Name your cat!

.pray - You can pray to me (I am a god after all... or, used to be...)
.pet - You can pet me (be nice tho... I'm watching you...)
.tribute - Gimme money (I need it for the catnip, I am still a cat y'know? | (resets once a day)
.boop - Risk your fingers :)
.hello - Say "hi" to our local god
.speak - What does the cat god have to say today?

.info - Check up on me!
.invite - Invite me to other servers (I need more followers~)

The Learning Experience

Collectively we learned more about developing Discord bots, specifically through the Javacord library (which we've never used before), and how to manage repositories in Github. We learned the hard way that posting your Discord bot tokens on the internet will get detected by "Safety Jim", getting you a delightful discord warning message. The experience served as a gateway to using an API alongside complicated java programming procedures.


sources Intellij Javacord Library

Creaticat on github

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