The inspiration for the skill was from a tweet by MKBHD, a famous tech youtuber, regarding building a budget smartphone for a limited amount of money.

What it does

The skill asks the user to specify the quality of items for each of the 6 features that contribute to a phone's cost. These are "display", "battery", "specs", "software", "camera" and "marketing". The qualities chosen can be either "low", "medium" or "high". The quality chosen is directly proportional to the cost associated to add it, so people have to be careful to not choose high for every feature, else the cost will be too high and unaffordable to the public.

How I built it

I researched online about the various factors that go into developing a phone and found the 6 parameters as the most broader ones. Then I built a response generator through which I generated all of the 729 possible outcomes. All these outcomes are stored as a json file to a generated response key, which is reconstructed based on the customer's data.

Challenges I ran into

Generating 729 possible outcomes was too difficult a task to perform manually. So, I wrote a code based on the quality of each of the items to generate. The coding part took time, but it was certainly convienient than writing all possibilities manually.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud to have understood and built an alexa conversation skill in a short duration of time. Before this, I had built another skill but during the submission, I realised that it might possibly not adhere to the rules of publishing. So, I had to create this skill within 5 days and I did it.

What I learned

I learnt a lot about the functioning of Alexa Conversation, how to train it to become more smarter and intelligent to get the required data from the user. Further, the "Pet Match" tutorial helped a lot in the process too.

What's next for Phone Designer

For the future, I would like to finetune the cost and people's verdict of the phone based on some research as it is currently based on basic values and cash required for development of the phone. Also, would also add modulation to the voice so that it feels more natural in some places.

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