✨We have all fantasized about being a superhero ✨In the existing Marvel heroes we may find it difficult to find the one that best represents us ✨Why is there no hero with the same gender perception as me? Why isn't there a hero who belongs to the same race as me?

What it does

🪐The user enters their name (or the name they want to give their hero) 🪐Users design the appearance of their heroes through their own preferences 🪐Users choose what superpowers their heroes will have 🪐Users can see random underrepresented heroes in MARVEL in the background

How we built it

💻HTML 💻CSS 💻JavaScript

Challenges we ran into

😢We have little experience in front-end 😢Someone dropped out in the middle

Accomplishments that we're proud of

😄We have learned new skills 😄We helped each other in time

What we learned

🏫How to cooperate with each other 🏫Front-end Skills

What's next for Create Your Own Marvel Hero

✈️More costumes, props ✈️Allow users to choose whatever color they want for their skin ✈️A more comprehensive selection of superpowers ✈️Can be networked to interact with other users ✈️Improved UI/UX

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