Idea for building NFT marketplace?

The craze for NFT never ends. NFT has been changing the non tangible digital landscape into sustainable. This way artists, influencers and creators have been experiencing fruitful benefits to monetize and protect their ownership.

Due to this promising non fungible technology, NFT is now loved to be the most lucrative market among institutional investors, Entrepreneurs, and Technology startups.

You may be one among them searching for quick ways to create an NFT marketplace like Opensea? But don’t know where to start, this blog will give you clear heads on how to get started.

How to create a website like OpenSea? Step by step guide

Step 1 - Install software library

The first step towards creating the NFT marketplace starts from importing the required software library components. Install the front-end javascript frameworks like Next.js, Node.Js, React and program the UI components in the way you want.

In this case, you can imitate Opensea UI design with the help of expert UI designers. Other than that, you should have solidity, hardhat frameworks which helps in the process of creating smart contracts.

Step 2 - Write NFT marketplace smart contract

Next step you have to write the NFT marketplace smart contract similar to Opensea. The buy/sell process of NFT, listing the NFT, adding ID, adding Metadata, update/cancel the listing and Minting the NFT features need to be well written in the smart contract.

In this way, you have to ensure that you are developing an unbreakable NFT marketplace like Opensea. The user dashboard, my assets page, and the NFT listing page are validated using the smart contract codes.

To know more, read this blog below.

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