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Auto-Installation in a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS server

Extremely simple installation in a fresh and naked typical Ubuntu 14.04 LTS server:

Download the installer script


Make it executable

chmod +x

Run it! Give it some minutes to perform all the tasks. And yes, you can thank me later :)

sudo ./


Quick guide:

  1. Make sure you have Apache, PHP, MySQL installed. Tutorial.
  2. Clone the repo to a folder on your server
  3. Activate mod_rewrite, route all traffic to application's /public folder. Tutorial.
  4. Edit application/config: Set your database credentials
  5. Execute SQL statements from application/_installation to setup database tables
  6. Install Composer, run Composer install on application's root folder to install dependencies
  7. Make avatar folder (application/public/avatars) writable
  8. For proper email usage: Set SMTP credentials in config file, set EMAIL_USE_SMTP to true

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