Inspiration experiment. I really like how the internet as a community came together to create something. I didn't see anything like that on the alexa skill store that uses the people that have alexa enabled devices as a community

What it does

Use everyone with an alexa enabled to create sentences (everyone contributes a word)

How I built it

RDS(Postgresql) -> Microservice (Java Spring Boot )-> EC2 -> ELB -> Lambda-> Alexa Skill

Challenges I ran into

Getting the amazon resources up and integrated properly was harder than i thought. I had to start over when it got too difficult, but i got it through in the end

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting my first alexa skill done!!!!! The id of the skill is amzn1.ask.skill.0fac058f-3cde-4970-bb59-bc7bd687a8b7

What I learned

More experience with aws resource, creating an alexa skill, Spring Boot JPA

What's next for Create a Sentence

I dont know yet, it is just an experiment

Demo as a youtube view

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