Code Overview Dependencies acts_as_follower - For implementing followers/following acts_as_taggable - For implementing tagging functionality Devise - For implementing authentication Jbuilder - Default JSON rendering gem that ships with Rails, used for making reusable templates for JSON output. JWT - For generating and validating JWTs for authentication Folders app/models - Contains the database models for the application where we can define methods, validations, queries, and relations to other models. app/views - Contains templates for generating the JSON output for the API app/controllers - Contains the controllers where requests are routed to their actions, where we find and manipulate our models and return them for the views to render. config - Contains configuration files for our Rails application and for our database, along with an initializers folder for scripts that get run on boot. db - Contains the migrations needed to create our database schema. Configuration camelCase Payloads config/initializers/jbuilder.rb - Jbuilder configuration for camelCase output app/controllers/application_controller.rb#underscore_params! - Convert camelCase params into snake_case params

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