Weddings choreographers event planers need music guides and planning music on events. Assist with a great planning app that includes spotify playlist, and facebook other social media to integrate the total music event experience

What it does

Synchronizes everyone on the event to the music venue. Eliminates poor music moments at event where people may not be comfortable with certain dance styles or music. Allows planners to integrate the music in the event to the audience change and tastes and venue settings. No surprises Like the bride can not stand this song

How I built it

Found the Sony music and lyric finder Created the fans event songs plans songs lyrics to download created the app with appropriate spotify, facebook apis and developer tools still integrating data and feeds between the various music, Instagram and Facebook accounts

Challenges I ran into

Challenge to achieve a clear path between social media, Sony Facebook Fan clubs; "What music do you want at your Graduation party" Facebook Fan Page \ Great for Fans Great for target brand marketing Great for Event Planner

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Discovering the facebook and spotfly api to develop the songs artist and other search and scenario development.

What I learned

Mash ups are difficult to do but stick with the processes and you can achieve some amazing things.

What's next for create a music event

More mash ups with stronger data and selection integration playlist power on spotify

Built With

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