CERAMOS is Electronic commerce B2C for cosmetics industry integrated with AI teachnology help recommend product lines suitable for each individual’s body by analyzing skin and hair. This will help save time to search product and save cost when buy effective products. For the seller, this app is effective sales channel and help diversify sales channel.

What it does

Integrated AI teachnology on APP to optimizing use efficiency, Solve the problem of time and cost. It’s the first ecommerce app for cosmetics industry. Product specialization.

How we built it

We have taken advantage of many of the APIs Square has to offer, including: Catalogue API Orders API Payments API Locations API Merchant API OAuth Flow We have also implemented our own account and authentication system using Firebase.

Our front end code is built using Typescript, React and Grommet UI. Our back end code is built using Typescript, node.js, Firebase Realtime Database and Firebase Functions.

Challenges we ran

into We ran into several challenges around how to make this as easy and seamless for the customer as possible. We are really happy with the QR code mechanism and the simplicity of checkout.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We also have a long backlog of features we are developing to incorporate into the app including

Menu builder - offer merchants and even easier process to build their items online, including stock photos and suggested descriptions. Customer accounts - integrate with Square's customer APIs to enable card on file payments and a more personalised experience Rewards & Loyalty - take advantage of Square's Loyalty API to offer rewards to customers Merchant branding - Give merchants the ability to theme and brand Fetcha with their own fonts, colours and logos Printer - integrate with a docket printer so orders are automatically printed User experience - further iterate on the user experience to provide a seamless ordering and checkout experience ...and heaps more!

What we learned

We have learnt a lot about Square APIs, secure OAuth flows, Firebase Functions and how to use QR codes effectively.

What's next for Creamos

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