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go get ""


Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs) are data structures that power real-time collaborative applications in distributed systems. CRDTs can be replicated across systems, they can be updated independently and concurrently without coordination between the replicas, and it is always mathematically possible to resolve inconsistencies that might result.

In other (more practical) words: CRDTs are a certain form of data types that when replicated across several nodes over a network achieve eventual consistency without the need for a consensus round


LWW-Element-Set is similar to 2P-Set in that it consists of an "add set" and a "remove set", with a timestamp for each element. Elements are added to an LWW-Element-Set by inserting the element into the add set, with a timestamp. Elements are removed from the LWW-Element-Set by being added to the remove set, again with a timestamp. An element is a member of the LWW-Element-Set if it is in the add set, and either not in the remove set, or in the remove set but with an earlier timestamp than the latest timestamp in the add set. Merging two replicas of the LWW-Element-Set consists of taking the union of the add sets and the union of the remove sets. When timestamps are equal, the "bias" of the LWW-Element-Set comes into play. A LWW-Element-Set can be biased towards adds or removals. An advantage of LWW-Element-Set is that it allows an element to be reinserted after having been removed.


This package implements a CRDT interface that enables use of the LWW-Graph structure using a LWW-Element-Set to represent its set of vertices while for its edges it uses a mapping of a vertex to a LWW-Element-Set representing all edges of said vertex.

The package also exposes the option to simply use a LWW-Element-Set.

As stated in the previous section the LWW-Element-Set contains both Additions and Removals sets, to where we monotonically add graph elements marked to be added or removed. To make sure we keep things monotonically, the LWW-Element-Set is built using a helper structure we call Time Map. The Time Map is an abstraction of a Go Map in which we only allow the operation of adding elements, and map those elements to a timestamp in the moment of the addition. Thus, only allowing items to be added to both the Adittions and Removals set.


Please see the examples folder

Run tests

To run tests

go test ./...


I intend on adding support for a more varied options of backends such as Redis I also intend on keep adding more types of CRDTs to be used besides the LWW-Set and LWW-Graph

NOTE To read documentation on the public API can be found here


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