We are a group of Computer Science Engineering students who, driven by an individual challenge that we proposed during the Hackaton of the UPC 2017, we embarked on this fascinating project. Since we believe that the future of the currencies are cryptocurrencies and all the blockchain technology behind it, we have decided to bring them to the Catalan Republic service.

What it does

CRCoin uses the same technology as most popular cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and litecoin, but focusing in the Catalan Republic economic needs due to the uncertainty brought by the current Spain - Catalan conflict.

How we built it

How we said before, we used the blockchain technology running in various servers in order to ensure the transactions reliability and security. We also set the economic parameters of CRCoin such as the total amount of CRC available in the market, the value of CRC and how to get and store them. We have also built the CRCoin website to promote and educate people about how CRC works, how it can be used and spent. All of this, we think that will make it easier to mine and use CRC and consequently will blow up and expand CRCoin's value and it's market.

Challenges we ran into

As starting point we were not that familiar with the blockchain technology, so the overall project was quite challenging. We had to learn from scratch and do a lot of research. Despite that, our main challenge was to run the first block of the CRCoin chain because we needed to run it in different servers simultaniously in order to validate all the transactions that were being made.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to be the richest in our currency because we were able to start mining it :) . We are also really proud of our website, where you can find everything you need about CRCoin and it's responsive design.

What we learned

We learned how the blockchain technology works and how virtual currencies are created and implemented. We also refreshed the knowledge of website design and virtual server.

What's next for CRCoin

We are going to study how the market is growing and developing. We will also try to expand the mind share of this project using the social media, blogs and press so the Catalan population can benefit from it.

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