What inspired our project was seeing how only 6% of CRCH's patients preferred telehealth services as opposed to in-person and phone calls. We believe this was mainly due to language barriers since 60% of CRCH's patients require health services in a different language other than English. As many of us in our group come from families with non-English speaking backgrounds, we felt a personal connection to this issue. In addition, CRCH did not have a virtual visit guide on its website.

What it does

Our webpage is an online resource for patients that are new to telehealth services. It includes a video and written step-by-step guide with screenshots of what the user will see during their telehealth visit. It is also available in Spanish currently and will be available in other languages soon. the website also includes a FAQs page that users can turn to to get general information on telehealth and OTTO, CRCH's telehealth service provider.

How we built it

We primarily used Weebly's free website building service. We also used Canvas to edit our pictures on our written guide and iMovie for our video guide.

Challenges we ran into

Time management was our biggest challenge as this was a 48-hour hack. We didn't have enough time to put in all the languages we were hoping to and include a guide for Android users. However, these can be easily added in weeks to come.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the design of our website and how easy it is to navigate through. We are also proud of leveraging each group member's skill set. It was an amazing group project experience and has taught us a lot about what works to make projects like this successful.

What we learned

We learned how to divide up work effectively and efficiently and other new group-work skills. We also learned how to use Weebly. In addition, from our research, we learned many new things regarding health services.

What's next for CRCH Telehealth OTTO Guide

The next steps for CRCH Telehealth OTTO Guide are being available in the most common languages CRCH patients speak, guides for different phone operating systems, and even more information on the FAQs page. In addition, we would like to add links to this site on CRCH's website as well as in their text message and email communications regarding virtual visits.

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