Our inspiration was thinking from our parent's and grandparent's perspectives of how they would find telehealth difficult to navigate and work through. We personally experienced assisting them with tech throughout our lives.

What it does

The webpage we developed guides CRCH patients with how to open up OTTO and adjust their settings. This is done through a video and through pictures of screenshots.

How I built it

We primarily used Weebly to develop this website and Canvas to edit the picture we used. We also used iMovie put our video together.

Challenges I ran into

Time was our biggest challenge. Given that a lot of the project was done online, it was also difficult to communicate as well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We believe we made something very user-friendly and very relevant in today's situation. We are proud that we were able to leverage each of our team member's skills.

What I learned

hacks are indeed very challenging and don't have to fully rely on coding knowledge. Many without such experience can contribute significantly

What's next for CRCH Telehealth Guide for LEP and Older Patients 

What's next is including further translation and guides for android users.

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