As keen on-chain participants, a bunch of friends noticed the hardship a layman has to go through in order to create or trade a NFT. We believed in the potential of this unrealized market, and yet we also knew that it's the complexity of access is a key factor in driving millions of people away.

Our Ambition

Our NFT marketplace brings NFTs closer to its participants. Be it a blockchain nerd, a budding artist or your old school uncle. It's for everyone who knows NFTs exist, and who know how to reach our website. The experience is as good as the existing E-Commerce platforms and social media apps, in fact, we are aiming to make it as simple as a calculator app ;)

How we do it

We are cutting down on direct on-chain dependencies for the user by using various concepts like lazy minting (to keep it absolutely free of cost for new creators), cross chain and chain agnostic functionalities (So that the users can forget about changing RPC IDs whilst keeping the GAS fee low), OAuth linked wallets (forget having decentralized wallets in the first place), generic banking (Laymen's choice!), and a mobile app ! This will make NFT marketplaces "so easy.... it's Crazy"

Build produced for #Make Crypto Mobile Hackathon

A basic mobile application which creates and manages OAuth wallets for the user, whilst allowing them to purchase, trade and sell NFTs directly...…. Did we forget to mention creating a NFT is absolutely free of cost? (no strings attached)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The Website implementation of CrazyNFT was the winner of Mercury Asia Hackathon 2021 conducted by Flow & Filecoin and the runner up of Vision NFT Hack conducted by Indorse in the circle payments solution track. We were also offered sponsorship support from famous players like Arweave and Biconomy in order to make our dreams come true. We were also extensively supported by the team of Binance Smart Chain on mentoring us towards the path which we believe will get millions of laymen onboard for the next social hype-wave.

What we learned

Thousand's of hours together, sitting hundred's of miles apart, We learnt that anything is possible if everyone's aligned to one goal and one ambition. Also, hats off to DApps which are cross chained. It's quite a challenge to build such applications :)

What's next for CrazyNFT

We are done with a basic POC which proves lazy minting and traditional payment solutions. We are currently building a Better UI, and cross chain functionalities for our MVP. The mobile App will also get a better UI/UX, to make it go live to public

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