Our team wanted create a website where people could easily and quickly play some blackjack.

What it does

Our website allows you to play bare-bones blackjack and even change some of the themes up to keep you from getting too bored.

How we built it

We used html5 and css for the front end of the website and javascript for all of the logic and back end of the website.

Challenges we ran into

Changing the themes would some times break the whole website and creating a system to change the cards as they came out was also pretty difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made over 104 different card designs and in the end we managed to get everything finished and working. We also think the demo video turned out pretty nice for only 3 minutes.

What we learned

We learned just how in depth you can go when creating a website and just how much raw content and potential each and every blank website can have if your willing to put the time in to create one.

What's next for CrazyJack

We could implement a fake betting system and maybe even add some more themes or make the website a bit more fluent and appealing.

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