Our inspiration comes from the need to bring more engaging Kin spends to the ecosystem. We asked around about what Kin community members would like to see built and from that feedback we became inspired to meet the Devpost challenge deadline with our simulated gambling product and further feel inspired to push the boundaries of cash for the digital world...

What it does

Crazy Nine Slots is a Modern Slot Machine game with a fun little twist and new engaging blockchain interaction and group challenges made possible by the Kin Ecosystem.
Players can challenge 7 different game styles to achieve the highest possible in-game score. They can earn 3 different jackpots and one bonus wheel spin.

How I built it

"Crazy Nine Slots" was built with a lot of love, hard work and dedication.

Challenges I ran into

We started with Kin almost a year ago and had a few challenges and I think most projects stumbled a few times early on.

We overcame some of these challenges by reaching out to the open source/ Kin community for assistance. Will from Catpurse/Tipster/Python Bootstrap etc remains one of our most honorable mentions for assisting with some of the tools we needed in our app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud to have an exiting app built in time for the challenge. Making Crazy Nine Slots was a journey that challenged me to think outside the box and come up with solutions and innovations to meet the Kin Crypto Challenge deadline and requirements. Other than that, just making a really amazing game that the community has been asking for awhile.

What I learned

I learned to use our UI/UX in new ways to engage users and create an entire new strategy around Kin that I found myself wanting to explore more than the in-game coins. Using Kin is something I will continue to develop in the mobile app space because of the new level of engagement possible with users and there aren't many Slot apps out there with the potential for these kind of rewards and community driven challenges or micro transactions.

What's next for Crazy Nine Slots

LEADERBOARDS: We are currently working on leaderboards and want to use our app to experiment with a new monetization strategy that rewards users for their engagement. Not just a little but with all of the in-app purchasing or Ad revenue and work on building Kin as a reward token and our user base for the first 6-12 months. This is a big part of our future and what's next for Crazy Nine Slots.

GAMEPLAY: See our poker slots and Playfab update in the updates section.

Also we will have animated graphics and more illustrations to go along with and develop our theme and Kin and think it will be an important quality feature we put a high priority on. We have the code for this and will just need to design the sprites to be animated.

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posted an update

We are currently working on a Texas Hold'em style slot with P2P skill to win gameplay. Each wheel will have one of each card suit type and include only one chance to "spin" it for a players hand. Staying true to no-limit there will be a chance to bluff your opponent and bet gold on how you think you'll win. If you are successful you will get the gold and some a trophy that can be burned for Kin.
We are using Playfab to store titles and shared lists of available cards between turns in a turn based multiplayer game. The connection to the lobby will be handled by the photon network. This is a very new way of playing slots and the spinner will be a deck of cards. Imagine having 3 lines to win and much more uncertainty and skill developed into the game. If you have played our game you'll notice the first and second spinner hold more value and those are the 2 "face down" cards you see your opponents have. As you connect the last 3 shared spinners you bet whether your two spinners match up to something more than theirs and you're able to see your own hand and the available cards being spent to discount that they hold them. Betting happens each round from the "flop" to the "river card" and the person with the highest payout wins. We intend to do this on the backend by creating a table/list/array of 52 cards for each spinner and taking away 3 for each players turn or 6 for the initial 2 reels. We then pass the table to the next player who will get their own 6 "face down" reels on their client. This will allow the game to be played with fewer people at a table by giving them the opportunity to see more card from the deck during a small heads up game or just a few people online at any given time in the start. During this process we will also test single paylines and multi-deck games but think this is worth attempting for the contest or just to do something that has never been done before and to innovate on one of our favorite games and create something entirely new using Kin that will allow users to melt trophies for Kin like competing crypto projects (ENJ). We won't "mint" trophies with Kin but we will store them on the server and allow them to be moved through applications and they can be melted down for Kin at any time to purchase upgrades and features in any one of our apps.

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