In a situation where all communication and data networks are down (Eg: Like during the recent Kashmir floods), loved ones and family members who are physically displaced/separated have no way of communicating and finding each other. In cognizance of this scenario, we attempt to re-establish communication by utilizing the mobile phones, together behaving like a system of Wi-Fi hotspots and receivers. This establishes an Ad-hoc Wi-Fi Mesh Network of the community of users present in the affected region. Users connected to one network, via hopping of text and voice data between users' phones can communicate to users who are outside of their immediate networks, even several kilometers apart. We have defined our own protocol to achieve this connectivity and manage multiple ,simultaneous, live-voice and text connections, all the while ensuring reliable data transfer and uniform transmission delay, minimizing jitter on the network. The more the users participating in this network, the further the physical distance between two communicating entities can be. Moreover, users who see their loved ones active on the network will be provided with a general sense of direction and heading indicating where to proceed in order to re-unite with their family/loved ones. Another use case i.e. a polling feature will allow users to request for essential resources such as food, water, clothing, etc. and enable rescue personnel to get the big-picture and an decisive summary of the on ground-scenario, thus enabling better distribution of essential resources and concerted rescue efforts. Most importantly, this whole system DOES NOT REQUIRE even a SIM Card or working internet connectivity to achieve all of the above.

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