My uncle gave me a Denny's gift card which I couldn't use because Denny's wasn't accessible. I wish I could have used that in other restaurants. This had me thinking about creating a customizable gift card for different categories like food, shopping and travel.

What it does

Our app "Cray Card" lets users gift friends and family customizable gift cards that can be decided by the recipient.

How we built it

Frontend was built on Android Studio. nodeJS has been used to implement the backend portion. We have integrated multiple APIs into the application for payment, login and maps functionalities.

Challenges we ran into

Insufficient documentation for integration of payment using Braintree API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building an app which we believe will be useful to the public with more than half the team having first time experience at Android and this is their first Hackathon

What we learned

Establishing server and client side connection using Android and Node.js. Using AdobeSpark for graphic design . Implementation of Braintree api for payments

What's next for Cray Card

We currently have a prototype demonstrating out idea. We wish to implement it with additional smart functionalities.

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