In thinking of the many ways that clothes and accessories impact us day to day, our team realized that there is a unique set of items that are both necessary enough to be carried around on our person daily but small enough to be forgotten, misplaced, or even stolen with disturbing regularity. We reasoned that with a few simple digital tools and resources, we could connect these vital items to create instant notifications when one is absent.

What it does

If the Crawdad Security Purse is taken a certain distance away from your phone, it begins to scream. If you were about to leave it unattended, if it is taken from you, or if you are about to leave somewhere without your phone, the purse's noise will quickly alert you.

How we built it

In terms of hardware, we used an Intel Edison for the built-in wifi, to provide a connection between the purse and the phone. We used an Arduino Uno to interface with a wave shield in order to play an audio warning whenever the Edison detects a weakened or disconnected signal from the phone. Meanwhile, we were surveying the provided materials for fabrics that fit both the functional needs of a purse with digital components and the fun, satirical branding for our screaming purse. After finding a fascinating pair of green pants with crustaceans embroidered on them, we soon had our name and logo as well. We sat down and came up with a pattern for a rectangular bag. The upcycled bag has side pockets for a phone, water bottle, and other common objects, it makes use of the pants' pockets and waist band with belt loops, has a custom laser-etched logo, and of course highlights the iconic pink crawdad pattern. The digital components are housed in a secret pocket within the lining.

Challenges we ran into

The materials we had to work with were often limited (fabric materials, thread colors, closure options, compatible hardware), as were the tools (tape/adhesive, seam rippers, scissors). Getting all the pieces (the Edison, Arduino, phone, etc etc) to work together was also a constant challenge. Finding a chance to sleep while others were working, or wanting to be active to stay awake while staying up late while still being mindful of sleepers was difficult for all involved. Finding a comfortable place to sleep was also a challenge. Overall, however, this was a great experience for all of us and these minor hurdles hardly affected our moods.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everything came together!

What we learned

A great team makes for a great project. Work with a multi-disciplinary, talented, and friendly group of people and you're bound to have a productive and fun hackathon.

What's next for Crawdad Security

We are going to sleep. Also shower.

Built With

  • arduino
  • avr/pgmspace
  • c-++
  • fatreader
  • flora
  • screams
  • sdreader
  • spi
  • wavehc
  • waveutil
  • wifi
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