The more tools and resources you bring somewhere in order to create or get something done, the more time you’ll spend time keeping track of your things, and your chances of losing something in the shuffle increases. Those days are over. Crate Zero uses smart tags and bins, and in the future, movable base stations that track item locations and the last person to check them out; all in the background while you focus on what you do best. Every item you include in the Crate Zero ecology can be a container for something else, from the pencil bag, the lunch, to the tote on the pallet that goes in a container and onto a ship. Crate Zero is an always-on digital quartermaster that tracks your items.

This is the 21st century. We literally have hoverboards and cars that drive and parallel park themselves. We have the ‘Yo’ app. We’ve arrived. So where are the things that keep track of themselves? Or crates that know what they contain as we pack them up for the next trade show, film shoot or Burning Man, one by one from crate 1000, down to crate 5, 2, 1, and finally, Crate Zero? What about the same crate we open up first at the next site or gig because it has all the essentials necessary to make things happen? How do we know those things are in there? Thanks to Crate Zero, it automatically checked them in as they were returned inside at the last site, because that’s Crate Zero’s job. And any team member anywhere in the world can check what it’s tracking.

If you’ve ever moved things place to place, if you’ve ever deployed gear to teams or managers, you probably already have enough to do. Let Crate Zero track your assets. Crate Zero runs in the background while your team gets it done. It helps everyone find what they need when they need it. It keeps everyone updated. Crate Zero keeps your team’s situation aware, provisioned and focused on the task at hand.

Crate Zero was born from the challenges experienced by a logistics intensive Burning Man camp, It’s All Made Up. In addition to building a village of 160 people with everything they need to thrive for two weeks in a desert, they also had to track and manage gear and supplies arriving from 3 separate cities by box trucks, cars, planes, and intermodal shipping containers. This year, Crate Zero smart bins and apps will know and share information about asset usage. In the future, Crate Zero will allow us to know when our containers stop moving across the country before the shipping vendor does.

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