For us, music has always been a communal experience. We miss the experience of listening to and discussing new music at record shops like Atomic Records.

What it does

With WebVR and A-Frame, we can bring that experience back. Anyone with a web browser can join in but, using a VR headset is the best experience. You can grab records with VR controllers and place them on the turntable to change albums. We also added a proof-of-concept TV that plays music videos when you point your laser pointer at it.

How we built it

Using the WebVR framework A-Frame for fast development, we pulled data from APIs provided by 7digital and Cloudinary. Via the 7digital API we can stream 14,000 tracks from the Capitol Records library to create an authentic music appreciation experience.

Challenges we ran into

The need for sleep and no 3D-modeler on the team. Finding a well lit room model was tougher than anticipated.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Signing the audio stream with OAuth 1.0 was tricky but, was the satisfying last step to getting music streaming in VR.

What we learned

A-Frame, how to copy object information from A-Frame inspector, OAuth 1.0 signing, super-hands, aframe-physics-system.

What's next for Crate Sessions VR

Better physics, stereo audio, skin selector, pitch adjust, reverse playback, record animation

Built With

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