CRATE is a web-based community that provides users with tips and motivation to help improve their mental health.

What it does

Aggregating resources across the web as well as hosting an online journal and habit/mood tracker, CRATE makes mental health management accessible to all.

How we built it

The website was created with HTML and CSS. We also used Qoom occasionally to share code and information for the design and overall colours/theme of our website. The branding and overall UI of our site was created on Figma and we used this as well as Google Slides to collaborate.

Challenges we ran into

The time constraints were defiantly a challenge we ran into. Also, our team wasn't very experienced in web development so we struggled with a lot of the backend stuff such as implementing a login page and getting input from the journal page. We decided to redesign our idea mid way through our project to fit our skill sets. Qoom was also quite inefficient to work with because the owner had to be on the file for the other team members to edit the code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Initially, our team had many great ideas that we all wanted to implement into the website but along the way, we discovered that a lot of those functions required skills and languages we weren't familiar with. In addition due to time constraints, we had to make a lot of adjustments and think outside the box to complete our website.

What we learned

We learned that it's easy to be overly ambitious when it comes to product/web development. We think our concept is great, but the execution could have been better managed. We didn't have time to learn new languages or software, but we did take advantage of the opportunity to improve our existing skills.

What's next for CRATE

TeleHealth 2.0 Set-up integration with and other telehealth services to allow doctors access to self-reported progress charts and ease of information-sharing between patient, providers, (and when applicable, parents).

Private Patient Data Update platform to allow users to record medications taken and any changes in dosage. This information can be linked the mood tracker and/or journal entries.

Social Media Integration Establish a partnership with social media platforms to setup “screen time limits” to encourage offline activities as well as mental health breaks from the digital world.

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