The inspiration for this hack was various sci-fi movies and themes, with the theme "Shape the future".

You are travelling in your starship to colonise next planet. But when you fly through belt of asteroids you are hit with one of them and gravity of close planet will pull you down on the planet surface. Luckily everybody survived, but ship needs major repair. You have to decide, if you build a new colony on this planet or repair the ship. You start with 5 people, while 95 are still hibernated inside spaceship. You must provide them with power and shelter before you wake them up. The planet is hostile and there are some beasts which are trying to kill you. Have a fun and survive.

What it does

This game features an RTS base with some unique features.

How we built it

This game has been built from scratch on Jamchester 2017

Challenges we ran into

Challenges are teamwork an collaborating efficiently using unity cloud build.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The game actually works

What we learned

Learning new stuff in Unity.

What's next for Stranded Party

The game could be improved with more units, research added or multiplayer added.

Built With

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