We imagined if we were in an accident, we would be shocked and we would not be able to provide the best help possible.

What it does

  • Guides you trough the necessary steps after an accident
  • Call the police at any time from the status bar
  • Reminds you where your personal items are (first aid kit, warning triangle…)
  • Tells you what to do if you are to shocked to read
  • Provides an overlay with your position/current address when you call the police

How I built it

CrashBuddy is built in Android using a strongly Fragment based layout. The questions are dynamically loaded from a JSON file and are extendable by simple HTML content. We used AndroidStudio, Java and nearly no third party libraries.

Challenges I ran into

  • Building the decision tree for every situation
  • Creating the Breadcrumb View

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • The custom Breadcrub View that lets you navigate through the questions that you have been asked
  • The visual design in general

What I learned

  • A lot about custom views and canvas drawing
  • How to create widgets and overlays in Android

What's next for CrashBuddy

  • Minor design tweaks
  • Improving the decision tree / new decision trees for other countries
  • Lots of new help instructions
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