Like many new visitors such as CU freshmen before and after me, I am completely new to the great State of Colorado, specifically to the great city of Boulder, where a lot of bold people live in a rather bold fashion. I wished I know all the good spot around Boulder, but my knowledge limited to a few recommendations from a few locals. Just look at those beautiful mountains, such natural beauties. It would be great if one can know more about Boulder, so I just build a web app on that.

What it does

Help users to crash around Boulder in a bolder fashion. Get a lot bolder in NodeJS.

How I built it

I used a lot of MapQuest APIs. NodeJS. AngularJS.

Challenges I ran into

Going solo. Going solo is definitely a challenge. Get register for It is trying to do a 4 people project with just ten fingers. APIs from MapQuest APIs has a lot of varieties. and is very different. And of course, use only NodeJS SDK for because NodeJS is the only real dev language.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

NodeJS. Using both and with just NodeJS. NodeJS rules!!

What I learned

NodeJS is the only real dev language.

What's next for CrashBoulder

More NodeJS.

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