Drinking enough water is incredibly important, and yet it's too easy to ignore our bodies' needs. It's easy to underestimate how much water you actually need, and easy to say you'll drink more later. Introducing, Cranky Coaster! An intelligent coaster that uses a force sensitive resistor connected to an Edison to monitor how much water you drink. This data is then stored and compared to how much water you should be drinking. If you are continually drinking enough water, you'll automatically be praised on Twitter for your valiant efforts. Fail to drink enough water and you will be publicly shamed for everyone to know about your inability to take care of yourself! Additionally, we will text you every hour to make sure you are acutely aware of your water consumption. We also have a website for visualizing your current day of water consumption in great deal, as well as a brief overview of the last five days of water consumption. Lastly, we built a native iOS app with React Native so that water drinkers can quickly check in on their status and educate themselves if they ought to go for another sip of water. Cranky Coaster will ensure you take good care of yourself!

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