Cramstack is a study tool that was inspired by existing web applications like Quizlet. Quizlet seeks to add more ways of studying flashcards including games to make studying more fun and engaging.

What it does

Cramstack is a very simple web application that allows users to create decks of flashcards and study them through various methods such as matching words to definitions with a memory game,

How we built it

Cramstack is a front-end application that leverages React to create a component-driven architecture and uses blockstack's platform to authenticate users and store their flashcards. Cramstack consists of three main views with several nested components to intuitively break down the flow of information.

Challenges we ran into

Due to blockstack's decentralized nature, it's not easy to share flashcards between users. This forced us to only allow users to access their own flashcards. Due to

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Without any prior knowledge of blockstack, our group was able to implement successfully in our web application. Our application also satisfies our minimal viable functional goals.

What we learned

How to hack together and work quickly to have a MVP within 24 hours.

What's next for Cramstack

Implement more studying methods such as crossword puzzles and memory games. We also hope to allow users to share their decks with others and incorporate deck/card editing functionality.

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