After hearing about the challenge of HP about generating 3D models trough voice, we decided to start working on it. HackUPC let us use an Amazon Echo Dot, therefore we decided to use it. Alexa is a new technology, therefore we decided to tackle it and learn about it. After that decision, we stated that it will be perfect to let users generate 3d models via voice commands and interacting with Alexa, to finally print them automatically after the generation.

What it does

Generates 3D models via voice commands.

How we built it

We programmed a set of Skills, Intents and Slots that allow the interaction User to the Machine. After that, the Amazon Web Services connects to the oficial CraftYourVoice service with serves the request and generates the model procedurally. After the user accepts what it has been generated through voice commands, the server communicates with a 3D printer and automatically prints the model generated. The user does not need to think about anything else but what he wants. No technical complexity of how to model through CAD or think about of how 3D printers work.

Challenges we ran into

Complete integration and connection of AWS with an external Server and Raspberry.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have learned about many technologies related to out fields of study. Also we have learned many soft skills that made us better developers. We did not realize how many things could be done with Alexa. We thought it was simpler but it offers many opportunities and it is a technology yet to be exploited.

What we learned

We learned Amazon Lambda functions, Alexa programming, 3d models and printing, raspberry, CAD and deployment

What's next for CraftYourVoice

Complete generation of model with more complex commands and usage of abstract ideas.

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