Our team is comprised of four engineering students and in our majors we are not often given the creative opportunity to make art. So we made an easy and interactive way our users could play around and artistically express themselves. We hope our application gives child like creative freedom to our users by allowing anyone, anywhere, anytime, and anyplace to have the ability to create art.

What it does

Our application accesses our user's camera and tracks their hand movement and utilizes gesture recognition to give them the ability to draw in the air. Our application also has a "Generate" function that accesses an API to create generative art controlled by the users movements.

How we built it

Using a Python script and OpenCV connected to a Mediapipe library we built a program that tracts finger movements through a video feed. As for our front end development we utilize HTML and CSS with Python Flask module to create an interactive website. With p5js we were able generate AI images for hand tracking movements.

Challenges we ran into

  • Ran into speed issues when we moved our drawling function to our application.
  • Changing the color the user draws with

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Our application successfully tracks hand movements
  • We can capture motion and translate it to a draw function

What we learned

We developed a better understanding of hand and gesture recognition. Along with learning more about API's and how to implement them into applications.

What's next for Crafty Babes

We would like to become a hub of open source art created using hand movements and API's to help inspire creativity. So in the future we would like to have an option to display your art on our homepage to share with others. Along with give users to easily download their art and our community's art. We would also like to add more aspects to our application like different API's to give our users more creative liberty.

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