The decrease in Handicrafts products local sales. (Over 80% of handicrafts sales in Egypt are completed by outbound tourists, while locals make up 16%. Merely 2% of sales are business-to-business) Technology and E-commerce are not that active in the handicrafts sector in Egypt Unconnected craftsmen and low-quality marketing Online shoppers have difficulties in buying handicrafts High probation have access to the internet but don’t know or have the culture of online shopping

What it does

It helps to give access to handicrafts that aren’t well represented and the market for them and helps the craftsmen to reach for more clients and moreover sell more products. It also helps with digital awareness as we will reach for people in remote areas and introduce them to online shopping and opens a new market for them.

How we built it

We built a website using java web application, hosting on AWS and mobile app using android studio and XD

Challenges we ran into

First time use new tools in development, new industry and topic so we read a lot to understand

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have built a website(backend) and mobile app

What we learned

practice with APIs, Business, new industry

What's next for Crafto

Reach for remote areas Training for women New online marketplaces

Built With

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