We all have loved one who are need ofcare at some point of their lives. It is our duty to ensure they have the best care, while being able to continue our own busy lives.

What it does

The user defines who has access to their medical data. This data can be accessed by the medical professionals in charge and by loved ones. It has sensor tag that alerts the family members. The sensors are : accelerometer, object temperature, ambient temperature, gyroscope. If there is abnormal activity with these sensors they trigger the alert.

How we built it

Using the IBM`s provided technology Bluemix and NodeRed we were able to implement the following scenarios and trigger the alerts.

Challenges we ran into

Time management, group interest conflict, software and hardware implementation

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working under pressure, under time constraints, resolved the group issue, ability to build a project in a short period of time,

What we learned

We learned about the working environment, how to work in a team of different minded people from various different backgrounds, visual programming, pitching skills

What's next for CraftedCare


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