As a team, we wanted people to have an involvement in the art community and the community in general. Art is a form of expression and we believe that we are in a period of human history in which we have a lot to express. Craftathon wishes to encourage people to express their art with the materials that can be found in the household. The diverse materials found in any household possess great potential for various types of creativity.The problem that we want to solve has been around long before a pandemic. As humans, we waste so much material in our daily lives that we do not even realize the potential that lies in front of our eyes. In an effort to encourage creativity, we wanted people to recycle, reuse and reduce wasted scrap material to a work of art. Accessibility to an artwork is another problem. Through the difficult times of pandemic, people could have time to create artwork in their homes but the problem is that they can not display, use it as community work or sell what they have produced. Our platform will help them in many ways.

What it does

Craftathon, much like any online marathon, presents a platform to people where they can come together and share their creations, offer creative solutions to communal issues, and maybe even auction some of their creations!Independent artists submit and make appointments for meetings. It collects people in Zoom meetings regarding the categories stated. In terms of community work, online exhibition, marketing and art education, our platform will provide a channel between the producer and the customer. There will be art education meetings and nearly all of them will be free for everyone. Our aim is to start a sparkle for people who are affected by the pandemic to revive their creativity. On the other hand, art has very beneficial effects on human psychology and it calms people and relaxes mentally. So, during the times of Covid-19 period and post-pandemic period, it will help people to get over the trauma they experienced.

How we built it

We have built the web site/application. The platform will both make people socialize again and make them learn necessary information to promote their creativity right along with earning money, helping people and animals in need and exhibiting their artwork to a wide-scale community.

Challenges we ran into

It was hard to find the right categories for people to use effectively and distribution of products during the quarantine times but creating an online platform and learning the process with the help of education solved the problem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have organized our team in a short period of time and we were able to come up with an idea fast. We believe that the idea itself, to spread art, is one of our biggest accomplishments. On the other hand, we created a website for our platform which offers auctions, meetings, online shopping, online art education dates and registration forms which needs to be filled out to upload an artwork. Also, we made research about the sustainability of the platform, marketing strategies, its benefit to community work and how it will be announced to people. As the world exists, art will always be a need.

What we learned

Art has always been a sanctuary for the human mind. In this difficult time, although it might not be considered as a priority in survival, art is how we cope. We learned that art is a significant impact on humankind and it needs to be reached out everyone. Profit Plan Ideas (DRAFT), Artist memberships (Craftathon Artists), merchandise our members crafts and arts, online classes and events that are affordable, Google Adsense collaborations with art supplies sellers (by giving them ad space in our page), donations, sponsors, creating a youtube channel or sponsoring other channels, social media ads and e-mail chains are the key points to sustain our project. By using these strategies, our team will spread the art and its effects around European Union and the world.

What's next for Craftathon

We aspire to become a massive platform to provide independent artists with an audience and moreover to share and communicate through art wherever we might be. We will create a new community and both the Craftathon team and the artists are going to be present and active in the community. We will become a part of our community so that, we can grow and gain the artist’s trust. We will make a plan on how to stay active in our community (things like online classes, contests and events will make us able to be present.) Craftathon is an online community for artists who are also environmentally sustainable. Also, in the future we can develop a mobile application to access our community easier. With the access being easier we can grow so much faster. we need to learn about our community's needs and provide solutions and just because we find one solution, it does not mean that we no longer have any problems. But with a willing team we can figure out new ways to both save our planet and make living on it better. there is no other planet so we need to take care of it. Also, creativity is the main motivation for our lives. While we live, we have to create and make our surroundings better than ever before.

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