Although technology is rapidly transforming how people live and work, there is still a huge diversity gap in computer science and for many students, this field is not a core part of the educational experience. Inequitable access to computer science education could place these students at a disadvantage as computer technology continues to advance. For the given reason we created cracking the gap a website that gives access to courses as well as tutor-bots that use machine learning to enable students from anywhere around the world to better tailor their education.

What it does

Our website provides courses to about different topics in computer science along with quizzes and a Tutor-bot that uses intent-recognition to help users get a better understanding of the concepts by responding to their questions.

How I built it and DialogFlow

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building this hack alone :)

What I learned

How to use WIX and dialogflow's intent recognition API

What's next for Cracking the gap

Built With

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