Danny purchased a HackRF and wanted to play with it. So Danny decided that an AI powered pirate radio was a good idea. This may have been a mistake, depending on who you ask :)

What it does

It hosts a pirate radio station on 102.7 FM, (tune in whilst Ofcom hasnt shut us down). Every 10 minutes it will give you a news update based on recent events, and you can text in to get a radio show or a response for your text.

How it works

  1. Database using SQL to store mp3 files in it.
  2. Microservices like BeautifulSoup for web scraping and OpenAI to create content that is uploaded to the database.
  3. Spotify for our pirated music :cool:
  4. The radio frontend then plays it.

Challenges we ran into

  • Not scraping BBC video sites.
  • AI using words it shouldnt!!!
  • Twilio not working.
  • High tech solutions not working. going old school was the answer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Being able to text it prompts.
  • The OpenAI generating full on conversations with celebrity personalities and our group members.
  • It working a bit too well...

What we learned

  • AI is funny.
  • Radios are funny.
  • OpenAI is very epic.
  • We are very good at burning through our ElevenLabs credits.

What's next for CrackedFM

  • Not much for Ofcom related reasons.

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