It is always been a hard things to memorize all the names when you come across a networking event. And remember the name is a basic way of showing respect. So we were determined to build an app to help people on this matter.

What it does

Secret Listener has a voice recording feature. When the app is on and someone is introducing themselves, the app help to extract the details in the sentence such as name, age, etc. So next time, when you see the same person, you can remember their names!!! Yeah!!!

How we built it

In the past, we have always been using the hybrid development because of convenience. However, for this time, we decided to challenge ourselves with native android development, and also because of Google Speech Recognition. We have explore a lot of possible form factors for Secret Listener, including cloud platform like Firebase. However, we decided to settle with something rather simple and intuitive for user - local native android.

Challenges we ran into

One of the challenges that we encountered is that we have to extract some keywords from the text. For example, the person's name and age.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of the accomplishments that we're very proud of is that our Secret Listener is able to recognize sound and convert them to text. Once we have the text, we're able to extract the information that we're interested.

What we learned

Our teammates have uneven experience in app development, and we didn't have any experiences of hacking together. Within this 24 hours, we learn to split the work to cater everyone to the domain they are good at, and learn from each other.

What's next for CQ - Secret Listener

Better algorithm of extracting details from the speech, classifying the profile records into different folders, photo taking and storage for better recognition, all these should bring our app to greater height, and we look forward to it!

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