This lens was made inspired by the death of my mother when we took her to the hospital and a CPR was done for her, but she did not come back to life. She passed away and this lens was made when I was watching in my mind the details of her death. I really miss my mother

What it does

cpr When clicking on the screen, it will start working. I put clicking on the screen until the user of the lens feels that he is already working cpr

How we built it

Using lens studio, sketchfab and mixamo

Challenges we ran into

What I encountered is the existence of three-dimensional figures that fit the lens in terms of closing the eyes, but it was replaced by a child with open eyes until my work was done and the idea reached the whole world

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Is that I joined the designers of Lenses in my country and made an emoji sitting on a wheelchair and put it in the profiles on Snap. That achievement was with the help of snapAR. I thank them for providing this opportunity and continuous support. I hope soon the achievement will be that I officially become a lens creator with Snapchat and all the achievements that I Today it was because of Maha Al-Dosari

What we learned

Persistence and persistence achieve success and achievements

What's next for CPR

Presenting the best in the future and making everyone who knows me be proud of me

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