Mostly beginners start with python now a days so to move from python to another language one has to understand some syntactical changes. As python is less syntactical when learning another language say c++ one has to understand its syntax. So with this extension on can learn how c++ syntax are for print , for loop, while loop, if-else,etc we learned how we can create snippet of code even say custom snippets.

for this cpp_snippet_extension, when user type any syntax name for example "if-else" *then snippet will suggest *"if-else" condition and after hitting the suggestion the whole syntax will comes up in editor. every syntax in the c++ we can use it using*cpp_snippet_extension,* by using this it will easier to code the program for beginners. and he/she can understand the syntax format of c++. for now we have the snippet for the c++ language.we can add more for different languages.

it was really exciting to make the cool interesting snippet from VS code we will add more feature in it More functionality and support for snippets

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