A console application which demostrates different features of a Phone. Written in C++. The Graphical inteface is built on SFML.


App preview

How to run the software : Open the subfolder App, Run START.exe and PLAY !!

In case of using the Music app please make sure you have added all your music files (.wav / .ogg format) in the music subfolder under Code directory

Before running the software please read the Documentation



This is a console based Phone software. The entire software is written in C++. For graphical interface SFML has been used. After you unpack the sofware the following directories is found:





In the "Code" subfolder the following header files are found:














Besides C++ Standard Library is extensively used. For more on each files please see the documentation. The Documentation containes all the necessary doc files in .html format The "SFML" folder contains the SFML library (version 2.1)


In order to use the C++Phone you must compile the main.cpp file included in the "Code" sub-folder.

NOTE: You must read the followings (included in documentation) properly before compiling the software:

How to set up SFML

How to run the sofware

How it works

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