• Deforestation of pristine old-growth wilderness
  • WestConnex noise and vibration complaints
  • The sound management of Music Venues so they can stay open
  • Monitoring of endangered species through bird calls and animal noises

What it does

Using a sound and vibration sensor, Audiball can detect and send alerts when certain sounds are received. This can be frequency-based (chainsaws, axes, etc) or volume decibel based (music venues, construction) as well as the companion vibration levels.

Each Audiball is a self-contained sound & vibration sensor with communication capabilities (using a distributed "mesh network" for low-energy long-distance communication without internet)

How I built it

Arduino Sound sensor Grove Shield

Challenges I ran into

Time Not having the ideal hardware on hand and having to hack a solution together

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Audiball

Deploying the mesh network Reducing the hardware size to fit in the ball (easy once the correct hardware is used) Trials near construction sites & music venues

Google drive link to code: Arduino Sketch

Built With

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