Home-ing Network

Helps the homeless by crowdsourcing information concerning the location of homeless populations in ATL.

What we did

On homepage.html in vagrant/forum/templates , we created a basic posting function that submits information to a database. This information is then pulled from the database through vagrant/forum/app.py and displayed on the homepage with jinja. This pic is posted alongside past submissions, so that users can have a quick overview of where the homeless are at any given time.

Users can click on the photo which will direct them to vagrant/forum/templates/pic.html where they can see the photo in higher resolution and view any additional descriptions of the photo.

Practical Implications

We aim to home in on the homeless population in order to close the gap between need and provision, improve demographic data, and ultimately get them into homes.

This network can help the government and other organizations to more efficiently meet the homeless where they are in Atlanta.

Additionally, this localized knowledge can inform demographers and supplement survey data by revealing hidden populations.

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