Cerebral Palsy is the most common motor disorder disease in children. Current children with cerebral palsy undergo continuous physical therapy, which is a tedious, tiresome and painful process.

What it does

We sought to solve this problem by creating a game that incentivizes CP children to extend their Achilles tendon by stepping on a pedal in order to play a racing game.

How we built it

Foot Pedal --> Arduino Output --> Python Server --> iOS Client Application

Challenges we ran into

Connecting arduino to iPhone Trying to use bluetooth to connect arduino to iPhone Using Swift's brand new features 3D Printing a pedal

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Remodeling a bass drum pedal The game is not bad

What we learned


More than hackers are needed to create a health solution

What's next for CP Racer

Integration with Apple Healthkit and Researchkit. Multiplayer w/Bluetooth (peer to peer online matchmaking). Mouth noises, accurate speedometer readings, gas exhaust fumes, accurate weather using GPS location.

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