Our app, CozyCove, was born from a deep understanding of the growing need for a safe and supportive platform tailored to address the unique mental health challenges faced by individuals in the African community. We were inspired to create a safe space where Africans can come together, find comfort, interact with professionals and access the necessary resources to navigate their mental wellness journey effectively and anonymously.

What it does

A mental health platform built on blockchain that provides users with a secure, anonymous space to connect with others and receive support for their mental health. Through our platform, users can access peer support communities, connect with licensed therapists, set goals and tasks, NFT rewards through gamification, and explore a range of self-care tools and resources. We aim to empower individuals by offering tailored tips and personalized guidance according to how they are feeling for the day to enhance their mental well-being.

How we built it

  • To ensure that our ideas and features resonate with the unique needs and experiences of Africans, we collaborated with mental health experts to conduct extensive research through surveys and interviews. We also engaged in meaningful conversations with individuals from diverse African backgrounds. We analyzed the findings, identified common themes, and integrated these insights into our app's design and features. This research-driven approach allowed us to develop a user-centered platform that addresses the specific mental health needs and aspirations of Africans.

  • We used Reactjs, Tailwindcss, Axios, etc. to build the front end of the Cozycove app and also to interact with the backend, we divided the application into smaller, manageable components, each component is responsible for its own logic and rendering, promoting modularity and maintainability.

  • We set up the backend using Nodejs (Expressjs) to handle the requests coming from the front end and to save the user-related data in a MongoDB database.

  • We wrote a smart contract that automates the periodic distribution of ERC115 NFTs to users at specific intervals using Chainlink Keepers

  • We used Web3 Modal for the wallet connection. This allows users to sign transactions, interact with smart contracts in order to mint NFTs and perform other transactions on the blockchain.

Challenges we ran into

During the development of CozyCove, we encountered several challenges that tested our resilience and determination.

  • One significant challenge was the time constraint. We had to carefully prioritize and optimize our development process to ensure a timely release without compromising on the quality and functionality of CozyCove.
  • Resource limitations and access to quality tools also posed challenges along the way. Building a robust and user-friendly app required the utilization of cutting-edge technologies and reliable development tools. We worked tirelessly to identify and invest in the best tools and technologies within our means, ensuring that CozyCove delivers a seamless user experience while maintaining the highest standards of security and privacy.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have successfully developed a mental health platform on blockchain in about 6 weeks that prioritizes user privacy and security. Our accomplishment lies in creating a supportive community where Africans can freely express themselves, find understanding, and receive professional guidance.

What we learned

During the development of Cozycove, through extensive research, we learned the importance of user-centered design and the need for constant feedback from our target audience. We gained deep insights into the African cultural landscape, what individuals face when seeking mental health support, and the impact of a supportive community on their well-being. We also deepened our understanding of blockchain technology, and how to incorporate chainlink technology in products to provide solutions to users' problems.

What's next for CozyCove

Moving forward, we are committed to enhancing the Cozycove experience by incorporating advanced features such as AI-powered recommendations. We will continue to expand our network of licensed professionals, seeking collaboration and partnerships from organizations that are involved in improving mental wellness, ensuring users have access to a diverse range of mental health experts. Investing in marketing and outreach to help the mental wellness campaign.

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