We live in times with the most advanced connecting tech yet we are having the most trouble with social connection. Thus we created CozyConnect where you can enter what you are feeling, we study the emotions and match you with your tribe.

What it does

We integrated an emotion detector which detects the emotions from the story the user writes. Then the video chat opens up where you can talk with people going through similar feelings. You can claim NFTs at the end of the call as memory plus tokens act as an incentive for using the platform.

How we built it

We used multiple tech stacks and protocols which include

  • Huddle01
  • OpenAI
  • Wagmi library
  • Postman
  • 5ire Chain

Challenges we ran into

  • 5ire chain was a new ecosystem to study and because not having enough dev tools around it, interacting with the chain was troublesome.
  • Centering a div, basically frontend management.
  • Promo code for GoDaddy Domain was exceeded: We would have gone with "" as a domain name.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Submitting the project

What we learned

  • 5ire ecosystem
  • Integration of multiple tech stacks in one web app.

What's next for CozyConnect

  • Adding Call Histories
  • Making the UX better
  • Improving the reward system

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