Research shows that 1 in 5 women have been sexually assaulted. While 80% of parents feel anxious about letting their children get to school without any parental supervision. With this in mind, we thought about a way we can use technology to decrease the amount of bad situations occuring, and allow everyone to enjoy the freedom of outdoor exploration.

What it does

Using crowd-sourcing, users with authorized accounts can click on the map to mark dangerous points/routes through their knowledge or past experience. They then leave a small description on what misfortune(s) they may have encountered. Then when someone else wants to find a route from point A to B, Cozy Roads will take the dangers into consideration, and avoid them. Users may also choose between walking, public transit, and cars, with the ability to see a description on how exactly they can get to their destination safely. Furthermore, through our use of a heat map, it is easy to see which areas are more dangerous than others. The more red a point is, the more people have voted the location as 'dangerous', and the more we will avoid that route. We hope this web application will allow people to feel safer, and allow them to arrive home safe and sound.

How we built it

This is a crowd-source application using in-depth Google Map APIs and Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a lot of Firebase problems, as well as some merge problems. We also weren't able to fully include SurveyMonkey API into our hack.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a fully functional product, that is amazing, user-friendly, and innovative. Even though we ran into some problems, we overcame them, and grew together as a team.

What we learned is a scam. Would not recommend. We also learnt other wholesome things, and various other API usages. Plus Firebase can be used to make server-less applications.

What's next for Cozy Roads

To include more data analytics from SurveyMonkey, as well as improving our algorithm to ensure the safety of our users (such as through data tracking).

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