The Inspiration for the Game was taken from the need of a Stress Buster in our Daily Life Schedule. After a lot of Planning and Brainstorming done on Character Plot and Theme Setting, we decided to have a Charm for the Interface which will off-set the obvious difficult gameplay that forces the Player to find new ways of battling the Monsters.

You don’t just run away from Monsters. You battle them. And this is made possible without gore and violence to give both Children and Adults a delightful game to play.

What sets us apart?

  • Sleek and Minimal Gameplay with easy to play Controls.
  • Fast-Paced and Entertaining with quick Spawns.
  • Bolsters Problem Solving Thinking with Strategies required to tackle Obstacles.

What it does

CoZone was born with the idea around what Boredom actually feels like. And how it can spark a new sense of creativity, something which we as Developers should aim at. The Mission and Vision of this Game is to bring a Game to Developers and Workers to relieve them from Boredom and strike new ideas of Problem Solving.

CoZone is modelled around a Halloween Theme to get you excited about handling Monsters and going in an adrenaline rush of surviving.


How I built it

  • Game Engine: Godot
  • Languages: C# and GDScript

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Having a Game with One Week of Learning and Building
  • Adding Features to a Game
  • Designing the Soundtrack and Characters

What I learned

  • C#
  • GDScript
  • Godot Game Engine

What's next for CoZone

  • Improve the Gameplay: Improving the Gameplay will add more Plot Elements and Innovation to the Minimal Viable Product.
  • Addming more Characters: We currently have 2 Main Characters and 3 Enemies. We plan to add more.
  • Making Robust Levels: We will add more Levels to the Original game to cope with initial difficulty.

Built With

  • c#
  • gdscript
  • godot
  • godot-game-engine
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